IGOR SZABADOS: innovation, value creation and the customer journey

Expert Industry Curator: Igor Szabados

Head of Business Development EMEA at Alfa^

Topic area

‘Innovation, value creation and improving the customer journey through digitalization.


Digitalisation is changing everything, and with smart banking, mobile payments and peer-to-peer lending platforms, the finance sector is at the forefront of the transformation. So too are smart vehicles, plant and agriculture, and manufacturing in general – but what of asset finance, our industry which links those two worlds? The fact is, asset finance has always been risk-averse, particularly when it comes to technology. The cautious nature of large-scale lenders obliges them to wait for other markets to mature before moving forward themselves. And so the use of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and voice recognition is not widespread in our world. However, competitive pressures and changing customer expectations are compelling companies in the sector to take on this digitalisation challenge.

About Igor Szabados

Igor Szabados is Head of Business Development EMEA at Alfa^. He has 15 years of international sales and business development experience,  10 years of management experience globally and extensive experience in emerging markets (CEE, Russia and CIS). He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide,  fluent in 4 languages and conversational in an additional 4 languages and holds an MBA. He has studied in the United States, France and Hungary.