NICK GALLOP: differentiation in asset financing

Expert Industry Curator: Nick Gallop

VP Marketing, 3 Step IT

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Differentiation in asset finance

Pure asset financing is doomed: a race to the bottom on rates (unless it’s mega transactions, where assembling the millions adds value in itself). Profitable growth depends on adding value with services, and differentiating with service quality. 


About Nick Gallop

Nick Gallop is VP Marketing at 3Step IT. He is a technology industry veteran (IBM) and moved into technology financing  with IBM Global Financing and then with Dell Financial Services. He is a marketing leader with broad experience, having been a brand manager, has worked in direct and channel marketing. His experience covers both ends of the captive finance spectrum – from launching and establishing  a new captive at Dell; to working with mature captive financiers at IBM to improve its business, especially its approach to financing services and selling finance through third parties.